Interdependence of yield and soybean yield components



    This paper presents the results of a two-year study of six selected soybean genotypes with the aim of examining which of the genotypes in the given production conditions give the best results in regards with the amount and quality of seed yield. All genotypes belong to a zero-maturity group. The correlation between the grain yield per plant and other studied traits was tested through linear (simple) correlations. The testing showed that the following traits had a positive highly significant impact on seed yield: the number of seeds per plant (0.917**), seed germination energy (0.897**), seed moisture content (0.803**), plant height (0.802**), seed germination (0.789**), the number of seeds in pods (0.696**), the number of harvested plants per m-2 (0.590**), the number of plants (phenophase 1-3 in the three-leaf stage) per m2 (0.550**), 1000 seed mass (0.471**), and the height to the first node (0.412**).


                       Keywords: soybean, genotype, correlations, yield

    Publish Date

    Vojo Radić, Ilija Komljenović, Miloš Berić